Peter Carroll And His NovelMay I introduce myself, I am British author Peter Carroll. I have written several short stories, poems and many articles on variable subjects for newspapers and magazines, my favorite subject being history. My first novel, “Queen of Misfortune” is a fiction piece, which involved intensive research and took three years to complete.

Born in Barnet, England in July 1933 and with a standard education, I was called up into the RAF in 1951 and served five years as a medic. Since then, until my retirement, I have mainly been involved in accounting and running my own business with my son. Like a cat with nine lives I have survived an air crash, a lift fall and a serious aortic aneurysm and I thank my Karma faith for that.

I now live in beautiful Torbay in South Devon. I have been married to my wife Daphne for over fifty years, and we have two children and four grandchildren.

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  • Pollution and the signs.
      Pollution and the signs In 1573, Sir Frances Drake introduced the first consignment of tobacco into England. I wonder if he realised that within fifty years the smoking habit would become standard. Smoking was a sociable and pleasurable thing to do and no one at that time could have known the habit would eventually cause the natural human healthy cells to change to cancerous ones. Likewise in October 1908 when Henry Ford introduced his new Model 8 motor car, adapted to be [More...]

  • Near-Death experiences
    Near-death experiences.   Suffering a near death experience, however horrible and daunting, has its benefits. That may seem crazy but true. What do they say about good coming out of the bad and vice versa? Having been there, done that three times, the first was the most memorable and helps me to keep a real hold on life. Knowing just how precious it really is. After several weeks in deep coma following an aircraft accident I eventually returned to life. But now it was [More...]

  • Floods
    Floods…   I believe Mother Nature is responding to man’s gross neglect of her beautiful blue planet. It is absolutely nothing to do with the Government, the environment agency or any other authority many blame for something that is an act of God. We have reached almost a point of no return as more and more of England becomes waterlogged. More to blame are each and every one of us. That may fundamentally hurt but on balance it could be the truth. Just think of how [More...]

  • A New Lease of Life.
    New lease of life…    My True Story.   ‘You are a typical candidate for operation,’ my GP smiled as if to reassure me there was some hope for the old timer yet.   The thing is I went to see him originally about a month before about what I thought was a straight forward back ache and could I have a prescription please. But one thing lead to another until I was eventually diagnosed having this huge prostrate problem, but fortunately it was benign [More...]

  • Ferny Bank Offered Women a Break from Urban Life – and Men
    "I LIKE YOUR history pieces about famous local guys, but what about the gals?" a friend asked me. She was right, apart from the really big noises like Agatha Christie and Lady Nancy Astor it is difficult to find a mention of those unsung heroines who have somehow dissolved into the past. So looking into the archives I discovered several extraordinary ladies who have made their mark in the Devon and particularly Torbay here in South Devon. I was particularly taken by Emily [More...]

  • Farming out babies – Essay by British Author Peter Carroll
    Looking into the past, discovering the so different lifestyles of our forebears, attempting to understand how it was for them, when the poor had hardly any help except to rely on kindly charity groups borne out of the quest for religion and how much more we were God-fearing in those days - yet it all seemed to play an extensive part in those gloomy days gone by when , for example, it was  deemed shameful to conceive out of marriage [More...]

  • Good and Bad Things About Mobile Cell Phones – Thoughts by Author Peter Carroll
    Once upon a time soap writers invariable derived many if their plots from general conversation, but nowadays it is so very much easier given the ever growing popularity of the mobile phone. Simply hop on a bus or other modes of public transport and ten to one, there will be someone chattering away to someone at the other end of the line, quite oblivious of what they are broadcasting to the world, and often the volume is such, that sitting a [More...]

  • Robert Kett, Unsung Hero of the Past – An Essay by British Author Peter Carroll
    I am enthralled by English Tudor history and researching for my new book is no mean task. Like the subject of my first book, Queen of Misfortune namely; Lady Jane Grey, Robert Kett’s demise was the result of injustice. He is one of those unspoken heroes we don’t hear a lot about but who I have discovered was a very formidable character who was completely emerged in his cause; to defend the rights of the peasant farmers, who were gradually [More...]

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